Who are we

A project born from the collaboration to spread the environmental and human values of the Mediterranean sea

The Fundació Alive is a private foundation that works to improve knowledge of biodiversity through the collection, cataloging and spreading of biological information.

The Club Nàutic l’Escala is a non-profit sports association that aims to promote sports and recreational sailing by giving access to the sea to everyone.

The two entities agreed, on February 5, 2021, to work together in the creation of a photographic contest to help spread the environmental and human values of the Mediterranean Sea. The sea, and especially the Mediterranean, have been closely linked to the fishing village of L’Escala since its origins. In fact, the Greeks landed in the Iberian Peninsula from Empúries, where their remains remind us every day of the importance of preserving its historical and cultural legacy of which the sea is one of its main backbones.

The Mediterranean Sea is very rich in values. It’s culture and history; a working and leisure environment for the mankind and habitat of thousands of species of animals and plants that make up its special landscape. Values that must live together for the present and future generations.

Both the Fundació Alive and the Club Nàutic l’Escala are aware of the importance of preserving the Mediterranean coast and believe that the only way to achieve this is sustainability.

If you love this project, we encourage you to participate! You are all welcome: partners, users, professional and amateur photographers; from l’Escala, the Costa Brava or any other place in the world …

Send us your images of the Mediterranean Sea! We are looking for innovative and inspiring photographs, with a look that documents marine diversity and man’s relationship with the marine world.

Do you accept the challenge?


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